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Yii2 Framework Customized Software

Yii is a simple but very powerful application framework with a very short learning curve. Its component-based design allows us to customize it for our needs without directly modifying it — maintaining upgradability.



Why Yii2 Framework is for me?

You might be an established small business looking at adding a customer tracking system or a startup that has some ideas to change the game. Technology is important to you. You need an edge, you need that extra bit of performance or you need to put a feature in that nobody else has.

The economy product just does not cut it for you, but you do not want to spend tens of thousands on enterprise grade software. That’s where a Yii2 Framework specialist comes in.


Yii Framework met all our needs! It worked equally good for both rapid prototyping and large scale web applications. It allowed us to focus on our unique idea while still offering the flexibility to bend our application in all directions we want.

  • Knut Urdalen
    Co-founder and CTO of


1. Tailor Fit Customization

Yii2 Framework Tailor Made

Ever been to a tailor? That’s what the Yii framework is about. We measure your business needs. Ensure that each features fits smoothly. The Yii2 framework is like an excellent piece of fabric. Economy software is off the rack.


2. Better Performance (100% or more)

The off the rack suit maybe fine for walking around, but what if you need to do a 100 metre sprint or put it on for a long period of time. Yup, it better fit well. When software is customized, it does not include features that you do no want, meaning it’s not bugged down by complexity. For a start-up that could be a huge difference between you and your competitor. For an established SME it could mean thousands saved in HR costs.



Yii is so much faster because it is using the lazy loading technique extensively. For example, it does not include a class file until the class is used for the first time; and it does not create an object until the object is accessed for the first time. Other frameworks suffer from the performance hit because they would enable a functionality (e.g. DB connection, user session) no matter it is used or not during a request.


What does this mean?

Simply put, Yii2 does not put things in that you do not need. Less bulk means better performance.


3. Product Life Cycle Service

What happens after you buy an off-the-rack suit? Nothing. You buy it and you go home. For some businesses, they need to constantly improve, add or remove features.

Maybe they are not even sure what their needs are or their needs change. You need a product life cycle service. That’s where premium economy software Yii2 shines. A tailor made software can add and remove features across the board without compromising quality. Off-the-rack software, maybe not so much.


  • Yii2 Framework
  • Over 100% improved performance
  • Does not have redundant code
  • Easy and cheaper to customize code
  • Product Manager life cycle service to keep improving workflow
  • Hassle free management