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Ecommerce Small and Medium - OpenCart

Cost Efficient For Small and Medium Businesses

If your business is small or medium, with less than 50 staff, Opencart is your solution. We can theme, consult and setup a live Opencart Ecommerce Site quickly!

With over 350,000 live sites, OpenCart is the go-to for small and medium businesses that want setup an online store fast.




Who is OpenCart For

  • Small and Medium businesses with between 2 to 50 people
  • Businesses that want to get online with more flexibly and features.
  • Cost efficient, usually online with less than a months rent in less than 30 days.
  • Own your technology, not rent it.

Great Designs




Impressive Product Displays

There are a number of product features available within OpenCart. Products can be allocated to categories, manufacturers, and different stores.


Powerful Yet Simple Backends

OpenCart is quite user-friendly when it comes to managing the store, the products, orders, and basically anything that’s going on. The admin interface itself is really nice and clean-looking.


Opencart also comes packed with some powerful features like Digital Coupons codes that allow shoppers to input promotional codes to enjoy limited discounts.




Opencart Powerful backend

Opencart SEO

Once you have your shiny new online shop, you will now need people to find it. Our SEO and Online Marketing service is second to none and we have a number of successful marketing clients under our belt. Since we specialize in Opencart, we understand how to maximize and fine tune the site for SEO and user experience.


What People Say

The gurus that provide 24/7 support are simply other shop-owners taking calls from home to uphold the 24/7 but most with limited or no knowledge. So if you go with [XYZ] – be prepared to figure things out on your ownVictoria,


Opencart is better from my point of view. It is well documented with enough support over the internet. It is more handy and offers more functionalitiesSimplesphere,



  • Marketing
    • Discount Coupon System
    • Affiliate System
    • In-shop Blog Setup
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Product
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Information Pages
    • Many Payment Providers
    • Shipping Weight Calculation
  • Reporting
    • Sales Reports

Read What Other People Say

Since I wrote my last comment I have completed the transaction to Opencart. I paid one time fees for several extensions and on a few I encountered installation issues but in each case I received excellent support from the developer of the extension. The only serious issue I encountered was that Opencart doesn’t support independent tracking of inventory for each sku when their are multiple options like color and size. There are extensions that fix this but because it’s non standard it won’t integrate with your accounting software. I’m exploring Magento as a more sophisticated but also free option. Having said that I don’t need to have that much detail in my accounting software so the inventory tracking in Opencart works for me.

I will confess that I am a sophisticated computer user and I found little value in what Shopify was supplying for their very high monthly fees (and additional monthly fees for add ons). Even so I think that a less sophisticated user could pay a one time fee to a consultant to set this up and avoid the repetitive monthly fees from Shopify. There are hundreds of themes to choose from some free and some for a fee like Shopify. I paid $35 for an Opencart theme. The developer made some changes and installed it for me at no charge. I’d call that a great deal.

Bryan Dale


Why Wesvault?


  • We specialize in online solutions
    Wesvault is the owner of and the technology team behind, the top luxury tender in the world. We have experience online.
  • Work with a technology consultant who is both a business owner and a coder
    You want a solution that works, not something that the tech people like.
  • In Person and In English
    Offshore development does not provide training and consulting in person. Our consultant is available for on-site training in both Singapore and Perth, Western Australia


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