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Wesvault Co-Partner Lionel Yeo, Vue Evangelist


Development Specialist In …



Data analysis and Data Processing


Front-end Visualization


yii-frameworkMVC Web Server



For Premium Customers

We focus on SMEs and Startups that know they need web technology as a key part of their business and want additional features to give them the edge. PHP, Yii2, Vue.js, Python, MariaDB

Custom Fit software

We tailor make software from the Framework up. Customized for you and your customers needs. This means it fits better, performs faster and do not have things you do not want.

Consultation and Follow Up

Software does not stop when it is delivered. You need full cycle support, updates and consultation. That’s the competitive edge.

Our Development Stack




Less is More. Vue.js is the frontend JS technology that is about KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Wesvault consultant is even on the Singapore


Data Science. Scientific calculation. Big Data is what Python is all about.

Wesvault has consultants with full academic and practical backgrounds in mathematics and statistics.




Yii / Yii2 Framework

The Yii Framework on PHP MariaDB is the choice of mid-size enterprise. Robust and using MVC architecture, it combines features with stability.

Wesvault is the No.1 contributor on for Yii2.


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