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We work with SME’s and Startups that need the premium features in the Web Development

For Premium Customers

We focus on SMEs and Startups that know they need web technology as a key part of their business and want additional features to give them the edge.

100% Improved Performance

Powered by the Yii2 Framework and PHP7 means we can deliver more than 100% improved speed and performance. Customization to only put what you need.

Training And Buy-In

Training. consultation and full cycle support is essential parts of our service that reduces change resistance and project success.

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Dixon Chan, Co-Founder of US$6M Funded Burpple says it’s re-focused back to the Web because that’s where it gets most of its new customers

“We Went Back To The Web” Dixon Chan, Co-Founder of US$6M Funded Burpple says its re-focused back to the Web because that’s where it gets most of its…

May 30, 2017

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How a child’s $emit to the parent with Vue.js Works

Vue.js is pretty cool and has some cool features. But one confusing feature is called components. Now I hate this technical jargon and it took me 2 hours to…

May 13, 2017

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Yii Framework Custom Applications

The Yii Framework is a very powerful application framework with a very short learning curve. Its component-based design allows us to customize it for our needs without directly modifying it — maintaining upgradability and performance. Perfect for Web Development.

Opencart – Ecommerce

Opencart is one of the leading opensource Ecommerce shopping carts. More powerful and meant for advanced businesses, it is still affordable and easy to use.



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